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For committed or professional athletes, Afriski offers an opportunity for high-altitude training like no other, in summer or winter. With the Afriski resort lying at 3,222 m above sea level, it is the highest point within South Africa that you can train and stay. Accommodation for high-altitude training can be booked with the Afriski Mountain Resort.


Stay at Afriski and attend the training sessions out of the city that allow you to eat, sleep, train, and repeat. Summer in the Southern Hemisphere brings the best high-altitude training conditions, from the middle of September until the middle of May each year. A training camp at high altitude is the perfect way to get maximum benefit and a perfect preparation for any stage-race event.


  • Cycling routes
  • Running routes
  • Accommodation
  • Restaurants on premises
  • High-altitude training camps (summer only)


  • Training exposure in your chosen sport
  • Optimal fuelling and nutritional advice
  • Great technical coaching and guidance
  • Time to learn from fellow athletes
  • Time to focus on training, without interruptions.


  • Physical preparation at altitude for a week leading up to race day
  • Intro to short CrossFit and functional movement training sessions
  • Optimal nutritional coaching
  • Supplement advice
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A personal trainer, lifestyle coach, nutrition coach and CrossFit Level 1 Coach presents numerous training camps at Afriski. Jaco adds massive value to you as an athlete by using CrossFit methods applied to endurance sports. He also provides nutritional coaching specifically for sport, fuelling your body with the most optimal foods that will improve recovery and maximize performance.